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Adult Spring 2020

Masters Rowing - Spring 2020

For general information on adult rowing at CBRC please check out our:

Program Overview Page.


We are excited to be kicking off another season of adult rowing at CBRC. You should find all the information you will need to successfully find your place at CBRC, below. If you have any other questions please contact CBRC:

Looking to join?

We prefer that new team members start at the beginning of a new season but realize that is not always possible. We are open to those with prior rowing experience to jump right into practices.

Rowers with no previous rowing experience are required to attend and complete a learn-to-row season. Please check our Adult Learn-to-Row Page for your next opportunity to take an introductory class at CBRC.

Rowers who complete our Intro Sweep or Intro Sculling Class can continue their rowing with our:

Novice-Intermediate Program

Please contact Coach Jim Bertolini to discuss your experience and options for best fit prior to registering.

  • Head Masters Coach - Jim Bertolini -
  • Coach Beth Hemphill -
  • Coach Doug Nelson -

Program Overview

Athletes may pursue sweep rowing, sculling, or a mix of both disciplines. Athletes may also choose the amount of practice days they wish to pay for per season, either three or four+ (unlimited) practices per week.

Overview of Practice Schedule:

Sweep Rowing:

  • Tuesdays - Sweep emphasis practice.
  • Thursday - Sweep emphasis practice.
  • Saturdays - All team practice.


  • Monday - Sculling emphasis practice.
  • Wednesday - Sculling emphasis practice.
  • Saturdays - All team practice.

Athletes may choose any practices during the week for their three or five days. They are free to choose sweep, sculling, or a mix, to best fit their interest and availability. We hope this flexibility allows athletes to become well rounded in both rowing disciplines and leads to increased enjoyment and skill development.

Practice Overview:

Weekday practices are 5:30 to 7:00 AM, and Saturday practices are 6:30 to 8:30 AM.

Practices are held rain or shine at the CBRC boathouse. Weekday access to the park is through the rear gate along N. Thorne Lane. Weekend access is usually through the main gate to the park though during the winter access through the rear gate may be necessary.

Athletes should arrive on time and be ready to row on the water. Efficient preparations for practices are appreciated by the coaches. Faster prep means more water time and timely returns to the docks. We try to have boats back to the docks at 6:55 AM and most athletes depart by 7:05 AM.

Athletes are encouraged to have a set of indoor athletic clothing in case of bad weather; most importantly a set of athletic shoes with a closed heel for use on the rowing machines.

Locker room and shower facilities are available for those participants needing to head directly from practice to work. Please consult with one of the coaches regarding proper use of the facilities and lock-up of the boathouse.

Yearly Seasons Overview:

  • Current Season - Spring - February through April.
  • Summer Season - May through July.
  • Fall Season - August through October.
  • Winter Training Season - November through January.

Current Season Key Dates: Spring 2020

Registration and Financials:

  • Registration is OPEN.

Team Schedule:

  • First day of Spring Season - Monday, Feb 3.
  • Last day of Spring Season - Saturday, May 2.

Spring and Summer Regatta Schedule:

  • March 22 - Burton Beach Invitational - Vashon Island, WA
  • April 4 - Husky Open Regatta - Seattle, WA
  • April 18-19 - Covered Bridge Regatta, Dexter Lake, OR
  • May 2 - Opening Day Regatta - Seattle, WA - qualifying boats only
  • June 26-28 - Northwest Masters Regional Championships, Vancouver Lake, WA
  • August 1 - Green Lake Summer Extravaganza
  • August 13-16 - Masters National Championship, Oakland

Please visit our Calendar Page for other key dates in the current rowing season.


CBRC Membership Dues

  • Annual dues are $50. Collected at the beginning of Spring Season in February.

Spring Program Fees

The participation fees for the Spring 2020 season are:

  • Three Days Per Week: $290.00
  • Four+ Days Per Week: $370.00

These fees include Washington State sales tax and the following operating costs:

  • Practice costs: coaches pay, payroll taxes, launch gas, repair costs, etc.

The above fees do not include the following:

  • Racing fees, trailering fees, park fees, coaches regatta pay, etc.
  • US Rowing Memberships ($65.00)
  • Team Clothing Fees (Variable).
  • Costs associated with personal travel to regattas, hotels, meals, etc.

Annual USRowing membership ($65) is required for participation (see below).

Optional $50 or $100 donation for equipment replacement

  • Strive for excellence with the best equipment
  • When you register, you can choose:
    • "Yes, please accept my donation of $50.00"
    • "Yes, please accept my donation of $100.00"
    • or "No, thank you."

Payments may be made in full by credit card, check or by installment. See below and our registration page for more details.

Participation Requirements:

Each rower is required to register online before participating in a rowing season. Athletes will also need to have completed an online USRowing waiver and received a member number to complete registration with CBRC. Additionally, we have a uniform requirement for athlete participation in racing.

US Rowing Membership:

For information on how to obtain a US Rowing member number please use the information found here.

  • A USRowing membership is required for participation in rowing at CBRC.
    • A "Championship Membership" ($65.00) is required.
    • US Rowing memberships are good for one year from month of purchase.

Volunteer Information:

  • Volunteering is essential to the success of all of our programs at CBRC.
  • Please help with at least one CBRC event or committee
  • Contribute 3 hours or more of your time per season
    • By donating at least one food item per month; and
    • Volunteering for at least one task per month.
    • OR, by volunteering on a committee.

Spring Registration:

Registration is required for all athletes participating in rowing at CBRC.

Registration for Spring is OPEN.

Team Clothing:

All Masters team athletes wishing to race are required to purchase the minimum racing uniform. Older CBRC uniforms can be subsituted but we encourage the purchase of the current uniform. All other clothing items can be purchased as desired. Team supporters are welcome to purchase items from the casual wear listed, as well.

CBRC team clothing store is currently Open. Complete information can be found at the link below:

CBRC Team Clothing Store


Inquiries regarding Adult Rowing at CBRC can be addressed to: