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Adult Learn-to-Row Classes - Overview
2019 Adult Learn-to-Row Classes - Overview
CBRC is a great place to learn to row. Our introductory classes for adults start in May and continue throughout the summer. We offer classes in both of the disciplines that make up the sport - sculling and sweep rowing.
Introductory Sculling:
  • In sculling, each athlete uses two shorter oars.Participants in our Introductory Sculling Class learn to row a recreational single scull as part of a small group.
Introductory Sweep Rowing:
  • In sweep rowing, each athlete uses one long oar, and rows either on the port or starboard side of the shell.Participants in our Introductory Sweep Class learn to row in a shell with eight rowers and a coxswain, who steers and directs the crew.
We encourage people to learn both sweep rowing and sculling to get a good foundation for entering our masters program.

People who complete one of our introductory classes, or have previous rowing experience, are welcome to join the club and participate in our ongoing masters (adult) rowing program. Our masters group rows on the water from February through early November, and then meets November through January for indoor training.

Please contact us at the address below if you would like to receive updates about intro classes and other CBRC events via email:

Download a flyer for our 2019 schedule of introductory classes:

2019 Introductory Sculling Class Flyer

2019 Introductory Sweep Class Flyer