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Rock and Row 2020

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Rock and Row 2020

Rock and Row 2020

Fund an Item Fundraising Goals

Maas Aero

CBRC has used its five Maas Aeros as an introduction to sculling for many of our most successful competitors, but they are showing their age, so we need to replace them. The Maas Winged Aero uses the proven hull design which has enjoyed years of racing and touring success but is still stable enough for a dedicated novice to use for their very first time in a boat on their own. While maintaining all of the stability, responsiveness, and pure fun of the original Aero, the new Winged Aero offers significantly increased rigger clearance in rough water, and alongside the dock, while also providing a handy mounting point for a GPS Stroke-coach.

Maas 24

The Maas 24 is the perfect next step up for scullers who have learned to scull using its stable-mate, the Maas Aero. The 24 is longer and sleeker than the Aero providing the perfect stepping-stone as scullers develop the skills needed to be ready to race flat-water racing shells. The Maas 24 was designed as an open-water racing shell, and gives developing scullers a taste of what it feels like to move fast through the water. The sculling programs at CBRC will be able to progress our scullers more smoothly through the process with the Maas 24 added to its fleet.

♦Total for Maas Aero and Maas 24 Single Shells = ~$14,000

Re-raise the Roof Boathouse Maintenance Fund

The boathouse has served us well and it's time for a new roof. It will be a large expense and this fund will begin the process. Twenty-six percent of fund-an-item dollars raised will be dedicated for replacing the boathouse roof.

♦Boathouse Roof Fund = ~$6,000

Rock and Row 2020 Fund an Item Goal = $20,000

Maas Aero

Maas 24

Boathouse Roof Fund