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USRowing Youth Compliance

Youth USROWING Compliance

USROWING Membership Page

USROWING Online Waiver

What is required for rowing at CBRC?

CBRC requires that each participant in our youth rowing programs has a paid Championship membership with USROWING and has signed an online USROWING waiver. It is also a required component for participating in most local regattas.

Additionally, CBRC must collect a paper version of the US Rowing waiver to turn in at some regattas.

Download the paper waiver here 2020 USROWING Waiver.

USROWING Club Roster Code:

HGMV6 (all caps, case sensitive)

You will need this code when you register with USROWING.


USROWING Championship membership is required for all regattas ($45 for youth).

Paid memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase.


The USROWING Liability waiver is a separate but related component to USROWING membership. Having your waiver signed and a USROWING membership is required by most regattas for participation. It proves you are covered under USROWING liability insurance and understand the risks of the sport.

You will be prompted to sign the waiver whenever you create a new or renew an existing Championship membership.

Waivers expire with the calendar year and not a year from the date you created/renewed your membership. So once a calendar year you'll need to go in and sign your waiver. Likely your coach will prompt you to get this done!

How can I create/renew my membership and sign my waiver?

USROWING has a one stop shop for most of your membership and waiver needs online here.

From the USROWING membership page you can:

  • Renew your membership
  • Become a new member
  • Sign your waiver
  • Retreive past membership numbers

If all you need to do is sign your waiver you can use the USROWING Online Waiver to sign.

USROWING Membership Page


If you have any questions please feel free ask your coach or send an email to: